Macbook iMac harddisk ssd data recovery service in Singapore
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Macbook iMac harddisk ssd data recovery service in Singapore

recovery harddisk Singapore

The most important fact about harddisk is because it is a mechanical items, one day due to wear and tear, will not functioning as good as a new harddisk and fail suddenly so please treat it as like a battery where there is certain time of operation between 1 year - maximum of 10 years ofcourse for battery will be shorter and for harddisk due to the improvement in nano technology make most harddisk company giving two to three years warranty service replacement.

What do you need to do to prevent harddisk to spoil or last longer and ofcourse the safety of data inside your harddisk by doing:

1. same with battery harddisk faulty can be trace to over heating so please get good ventilation.
2. shock on harddisk will cause bad sector and reader calibration to be not in place.
3. always back up to Your own paid trusted private server, cheaper option will be cloud services or email like Gmail.
4. dont let harddisk operating overnight non stop, there is an option to sleep Your harddisk when it is not in use.
5. defrag Your harddisk in regular basis.
6. never power off using power button for Window use task manager while for Mac OSX use force quit to close programs before shutdown.
7. once there is problem with the Mac and You cannot go in to the menu please dont try to leave it restarting or stuck at white screen because it will slowly kill Your harddisk.

While for ssd it is depend on two important things that is the longer lifespan for memory chipset by doing less read write will extend the life span of the ssd and the other factor is the longevity of controller chipset which You cannot control.

Zapplerepair providing Macbook iMac harddisk ssd data recovery service in Singapore and virus and ransomware data recovery service in Singapore:

1. Price 70 sgd moving data from one harddisk ssd to another or moving from faulty spoilt Macbook iMac to external harddisk on condition the harddisk or ssd is in good condition even if not perfect with some bad sector can be patch using software. Percentage data recovery: 90% - 100% Time need to recover data: 1 hour - 1 working day depend on the size of the harddisk or ssd.
2. Price 150 sgd - 380 sgd for harddisk ssd that sometimes can be read sometimes cannot so we need to salvage data using software or need to repair the harddisk and ssd's board to make sure it is stable first before retrieving data.Percentage data recovery: 80% - 100% Time need to recover data: 1 - 5 working day.
3. Price 750 sgd for harddisk ssd that all ready faulty cannot do with out clean room environment, sensitive clean swab, reinstall missing firmware and changing of head. Percentage data recovery: 80% - 100% Time need to recover data: 14 - 20 working day.

In the case of no data backup recovery then there will be no diagnosis cost, we also offer service recovery data like contact, photo dan video data recovery from iPhone and Samsung Android.

Cut out expensive data recovery service center come to us for the cheaper option for Macbook iMac harddisk ssd data recovery service in Singapore, for amazing service call our hotline 83888781.