macbook air pro retina Efi unlock bios password reset service

macbook efi password

for matter macbook air pro retina Efi unlock bios password reset service usually happens when you buy used resale of another person or a relic of the old staff who work in the company and you can only know this if there is the damage in the hardware so tips when receiving or buying a macbook, just like the iPhone iPad iCloud ID, always in reinstall newest macbook os to be safe.

What the bios? bios is small chipset that stores data such as CPU models specifications of spare parts, harddisk and password if in the smartphone bios fused with ordinary memory in call EMMC or flash ic if the layman to technicians. Do bios can reprogram? the answer is there which can be and there is not, because the bios is a chipset that can be set from the factory to be in reprogram or not at all but most can reprogram bios, so if you have a problem macbook Password Efi locked or Apple macbook id locked do not worry :) solution is in the bottom.

Solution for macbook air pro retina Efi unlock bios password reset service:

1. Unplug chipset bios macbook from logicboard and reprogram via chipset programmer as we used at school with the correct model data macbook
2. Check macbook models that can be obtained by finding the year of manufacture and the cpu then you can get a model like the macbook MD101xx/A
3. Flash chipset bios over computer
4. plug back chipset bios macbook

If it had not been raised ic chipset, bios memory chipset is the chipset that easily removable with basic soldering skills and the right tools you can easily remove it. How to detach and lift chipset bios macbook:

1. Set blower heater to 400 Celcius
2. Put a little flux in each leg chipset bios and add a bit of tin to facilitate the lifting of bios
3. heat over bios chipset with rotating patterns so that all the hot foot in the same time
4. Lift chipset bios slowly with tweezers

There is some bios which do not need to be removed but will have to buy a clamp chipset that can be connected to the programmer chipset, the price is rather expensive but much easier. Clamp bios chipset which can be help program the chipset bios without lifting chipset from logicboard can be purchased at Zapplerepair service tools store

In addition to the above models that we made it and certainly can replace all the problems bios in perfectly Macbook including Macbook retina Newest like that should be in reflash the bios after the turn of the bridge controller ic same but different id enacting your retina macbook slowly. Call us at 83888781 for Amazing service.